The toughest time I’ve had in my life is when I was grieving my father’s death. I couldn’t let go either. It’s a harrowing passage and maybe we will all experience it at some point. Clearly, humans aren’t the only species that experiences it. I wrote about Tahlequah, also known as J35, the southern resident orca who has been carrying her dead calf for 10 days (maybe more by this point) in yesterday’s Sunday @nytimes. (Link in bio) But we need to do more than grieve along with her—these whales are critically endangered for many man-made reasons, and if we care enough to save them the time to act is right now. For more info and to learn how you can help: @centerforwhaleresearch @nrdc_org @cascadiaresearch @nonhuman.rights.project @bluefrontiercampaign #orcas #southernresidents #pugetsound #tahlequah #oceans Thanks to Robin Baird and Cascadia Research Collective for this photo.

Some day I am going to live in a house that I’ve decorated with a totally aquatic theme, and when I do I’m going to tile one of my showers like this. 💙 #water #lovewater #aquaticdesign #decorbyneptune

I wrote a small piece for @outsidemagazine recently about my first encounter with great white sharks. One thing’s for sure: I’ll never forget it! 💙🦈 Link in bio. #shark #greatwhiteshark #thedevilsteeth #ocean #oceanlove

Things on land are seriously crazy right now. Happily, there’s an alternative. For deep, meditative peace, nothing beats getting into the water. 💙🌊🐟🐬🦈#immersionjournalism #oceanlove #waterislife #ocean

“Though we all understand by now that about three-quarters of the earth’s surface is ocean, what we still don’t comprehend is that 99 percent of the world’s living volume is ocean. As land mammals, we nurse a stubbornly terrestrial prejudice, but this is an ocean planet, and we scarcely know it.” —Sylvia Earle #worldoceansday #ocean #oceanlove 💙🐬🌊🐟

Look who @renniomaifredi met in the Amazon! (And yes, I am filled with envy.) #dolphins #pinkdolphin #amazon #voicesintheocean

Let’s not kid ourselves: every day is #worldwaterday. Our planet’s living space is 98% water by volume. #ocean #water #oceanlove #voicesintheocean #thewave 💙