Several years ago, when I was editing @oprahmagazine, Maria Shriver joined us as a guest editor for a very special issue that she had proposed. It would be devoted entirely to poetry, which Maria and Oprah and I—and everyone on the editorial staff—was crazy about. In particular, Maria loved Mary Oliver, and for the issue’s lead feature, Maria interviewed her (you can see the layout on the wall behind us—I wish I had a better picture of it). I thought about this issue, and this story, today when I heard the sad news that Mary Oliver had died. She was a magnificent human being, and a voice for the natural world that seemed to channel Nature herself. She touched millions and millions with her heart and her words and her brilliance. During Maria’s interview, Mary said “If I have any lasting worth, it will be because I have tried to make people remember what the Earth is meant to look like.” Oh Mary, you did. You did. You do. 🍃💚 @mariashriver @Oprah #maryoliver #love #nature

This is for you @wendyharrishurley!❤️💃🏻(40 years later and counting...) #steventyler #mauihomeboy #lovingmaryband

Who among us wouldn’t bring their pet goat (whose name, adorably, is Pumpkin) on their morning coffee and kombucha run? ❤️🐐☕️

The Atlantic Ocean has a different vibe, different color, even a different taste than the Pacific. Love ‘em both (but the Pacific more). 💙🌊 #oceanlove #thewave

It’s official! Leo, Mia and I have chosen our favorite book of the year: The Library Book by Susan Orlean. ❤️🐾 @susanorlean #thelibrarybook #purrfect

I spent 7 years of my life running around the world trying to find—and write about—giant waves (that’s me in the turquoise shirt), but I have never longed to see a wave more than I do in this election. We have so much at stake it’s almost beyond words. #bluewave #vote #thewave 💙🌊 Photo taken at Teahupoo in Tahiti by the always amazing @timmckenna

If last week did anything, besides make me cry and sit in stunned amazement and shake in fury and mourn the shitshow that is unfurling on this planet—it reminded me of the the reason I get up in the morning: to help fix this mess, in whatever small, medium, or large ways I can. I long for a world in which humanity realizes its deep connection with nature; where there is no separation between Homo sapiens and any other creature or being who lives here, where all of us who share this crazy spaceship look after it and care about one another. At the moment, as we saw so brutally last Thursday, this joint is run by people who want power and money above all, and who believe that anyone who doesn’t sign on to their plan is an enemy, to be crushed. That’s how we ended up with a serial sexual abuser as president, a belligerent, entitled frat boy WHO LIKES BEER, OKAY? headed to the Supreme Court, children in cages on our southern border, the Environmental Protection Agency thinking up ways to destroy the environment. According to this system, we should eat chemicals and breathe poisons and load ourselves up with guns and spend our days in toxic surroundings staring at screens and pumping ourselves full of pharmaceuticals when we (inevitably) feel bad. This system runs on fear and loathing. Above all, it represses the feminine. Well, I call bullshit on all that, and if you’ve read this far, I’ll bet you do too. So first, take care of yourself and everyone around you. Cuddle animals, sit outside in the garden, and get into the water at every opportunity. Eat fresh food. Make beauty. Love. Be gentle and fierce at the same time—like a mama lion. Let’s reject this toxic culture en masse, and build something awesome. Let’s vote the boofing, ralphing, pussy-grabbing, nature-crushing, utterly corrupted assholes out of office in November in a blue tsunami. And then let’s have a really big celebration and get on with the repair work. 💙💚❤️ #iservethematriarchy @mariakmoyer @brooke_wall @lauralrubin @jenbuffett @kimi_swimmy @kathyfreston @susanrockefeller @susanorlean