Down the hatch on the wondrous deep ocean submersible #Alvin. She’s been exploring the abyss for 50 years—and counting. So many ocean mysteries still await our discovery. 💙 #deep

Yay for World Turtle Day! Yay for all turtles! Show me a person who isn’t madly in love with sea turtles and I’ll show you someone who needs to spend more time in the ocean. #honu 💙🐢

Elemental. Spectacular. 101 degrees. Smells like minerals. And very, very blue. The water here comes from more than a mile down, deep in the earth. #bluelagoon #iceland 💧

My friend Susan Orlean’s spectacular #thelibrarybook inspired me to create a library at the spectacular @mauikombucha world headquarters, where I have been to known to, um, spend quite a bit of time. 📚❤️🥂@susanorlean @mauikombucha #books #booch #maui #love

On a long distance swim yesterday we met up with this little nightmare: a swarm of box jellyfish, the deadliest creatures in the ocean—and the aftermath involved medics and ambulances and seizures and it wasn’t at all pretty. Here’s what we learned: if you are stung by a jelly of any kind, douse the sting with vinegar and get into a hot tub as quickly as possible. Hot water helps most. And don’t swim on south-facing Hawaiian shores for the first 10 days after a full moon. Box jellies are increasingly common around here, and their sting is not only excruciatingly painful—it can kill you. 😬 #ocean #swim #openwater

I have been waiting for this obvious—and genius—combination: the bar/bookstore. It’s an idea that’s time has come!🍺📚❤️ #bookstagram

The only thing better than the booch at @mauikombucha is the people you meet there. (And The booch is very, very good.) #mauikombucha #lovekombucha #narwalicornsunite

We lost a giant today. Our dear friend and Maui neighbor, the poet W.S. Merwin left us with a surplus of beauty and wonder that will endure throughout time. Rest In Peace with your beloved Paula, William. @themerwinconservancy 💚🌴


Several years ago, when I was editing @oprahmagazine, Maria Shriver joined us as a guest editor for a very special issue that she had proposed. It would be devoted entirely to poetry, which Maria and Oprah and I—and everyone on the editorial staff—was crazy about. In particular, Maria loved Mary Oliver, and for the issue’s lead feature, Maria interviewed her (you can see the layout on the wall behind us—I wish I had a better picture of it). I thought about this issue, and this story, today when I heard the sad news that Mary Oliver had died. She was a magnificent human being, and a voice for the natural world that seemed to channel Nature herself. She touched millions and millions with her heart and her words and her brilliance. During Maria’s interview, Mary said “If I have any lasting worth, it will be because I have tried to make people remember what the Earth is meant to look like.” Oh Mary, you did. You did. You do. 🍃💚 @mariashriver @Oprah #maryoliver #love #nature