If Everybody Did Something, We’d Get Somewhere.

Susan Casey Talks Story About Leaving Oprah and Writing Her New Book, Voices in the Ocean: A Journey into the Wild and Haunting World of Dolphins. read more

Editor’s Impact Begins With a Capital O

Susan Casey’s publishing résumé reflects what one would expect from someone who has chased great white sharks in California, stalked elk in Colorado and tramped the oil-slicked marshlands of Louisiana. Editor of Sports Illustrated Women? Check. Creative director of Outside? Check. Author of a book on sharks and another on extreme surfing? Check, check. read more

Oprah’s ghost: Susan Casey rides a wave of achievement

Talk about living your best life. Long before she took charge of O, The Oprah Magazine as its editor-in-chief, Susan Casey was faithful to its mission statement. Whether pursuing swimming excellence as a Canadian teen, developing magazines for Time Warner, or tracking white sharks for her first book The Devil’s Teeth, Casey has always pursued her passions. read more

How Dolphins Healed An Author’s Broken Heart

Grief stricken after her father’s death, Susan Casey went to Maui for surf and solace. A pod of dolphins showed up and changed her life. Susan Casey was living the dream. She had an apartment in Manhattan, a top job as an editor at Oprah Winfrey’s O magazine. Then her father died and her world fell apart. read more

Swimming With Dolphins and Great Whites — Susan Casey’s Life of Adventure

“Your life should be a movie,” I tell best-selling author Susan Casey when we talk on the phone. And I mean it. Casey’s writing résumé reads like a series of Steven Spielberg films set in the more

Did a dolphin sense my feelings of grief?

Susan Casey hadn’t given that much thought to dolphins when she went for a swim off the north shore of the Hawaiian island of Maui one afternoon in July 2010. In fact, she was more worried about sharks. The weather was bad – low clouds and a stormy sea – and there had been a recent spate of shark attacks in the area. It was dusk and no one else was in the water. read more