Bye New York State, thanks for the excellent summer. πŸΏπŸƒπŸ¦ŒπŸŒ»πŸŽ#Minnewaska #swimming #hudsonvalley

Anyone else freaked out by the fact that our nightmare of a President is taunting North Korea's nuke-obsessed boy king? This is insanity we're dealing with here, and you don't poke it with a stick. When I am particularly stressed out, like I am after reading today's news, this image is where I go in my mind. We have such a spectacular world--why aren't we just happy, grateful, and deeply reverent of its beauty? Like, all the time? #oceanlove #voicesintheocean

I love my ocean tribe's photos of the universe below. This picture is from the sublimely talented @thomaspeschak. "There's another world and it's in this one." (Me, from #thedevilsteeth) #dolphins #ocean #voicesintheocean #magic πŸ’™

Here we have--and I wish I were kidding-- *plastic utensils wrapped in plastic.* I saw this today in Manhattan and my knees buckled. Yesterday, a major science paper came out estimating that we have emitted *9 billion tons* of plastic since we invented the stuff around 1860, and here's the kicker: EVERY LAST MOLECULE OF IT IS STILL HERE. Plastic is far more tenacious than we knew. Single-use plastics are a scourge, a symptom of a major disease, a sign that we are not running this planet wisely (to say the least), a harbinger of doom. Based on what we know about plastic's longevity, its toxicity, and the harm it does to the natural world, we should be using it sparingly, and only for the most durable things--roofing tiles, heart stents, etc. Instead we use it as if it were ephemeral, like these plastic- wrapped polycarbonate forks and knives will simply vanish in a puff of smoke after we've used them. Instead, they will outlive our great-great-great grandchildren. Why can't we stop this? What the HELL is wrong with us? Oh, and by the way, for various reasons, only 10% of the plastic you dutifully toss in your recycling bin ever gets recycled. Most of it ends up in landfills or in the ocean. Calling anyone who gives a damn--we must stop it with this heedless, toxic habit. That is all single-use plastic is: a destructive habit. signsoftheapocalypse #sorryfortherant #fuckplastic #saynotoplastic

I wonder what it says about me that I see this image and think: *How incredibly beautiful.* And it reminds me of why I wrote the last line of The Devil's Teeth: "There's another world, and it's in this one." #sharks #thedevilsteeth #greatwhite #sublime